Use AI as your learning coach

The best and worst advice you will ever receive is – One should be a lifelong learner!

Why is it the best?

Well, it is very true. Learning is the same as growing. Our bodies and our brains stop growing at some point. But our minds can be stretched and pulled in all sorts of directions with knowledge and experience.

So, learning is essentially the only way you can continue to grow – forever!

So, why is it the worst?

I feel it can be the worst advice, especially for someone who hasn’t figured out a direction in life.

You see, you could be learning anything. Which, in this day and age, is so easy! You go on YouTube and you could keep hopping from one topic to another without realizing the whole day is gone.

The solution is to:

  1. Set a direction for your career
  2. Find learning opportunities / resources

Let’s see how AI can help you with both.

Prompt 1 – Career Direction

Act as an experienced mentor and career coach. Your newest client is very important and needs help in figuring out what career direction to take.

Below is their Resume so far

- - -


- - -

Based on their education background and past experience, suggest 5 options for future career roles they can explore.

Make sure the career options presented will help them both advance in their career, but also allow them to learn new skills.

This will give you 5 options to choose from. For the next step, pick one of them and try there prompt.

Prompt 2 – Learning Opportunities

This is great. The client is very interested in pursuing


Given the client past experience and the goal of pursuing the option above.

Create a 3 month plan for them to learn something new each week. The plan should make sure they are ready to start interviewing for the new position.

Be sure to include both online and real life opportunities / resources for them to take advantage of.

I’d share what it created for me, but it’s not super helpful for everyone.

Try this with your resume!! And even if you don’t follow every advice, it will give you really good options to pursue.