Work stories will help you nail your next interview

Nailing a job application or an interview starts well in advance of the actual day you do it. Like years in advance.

You and I have worked for years on projects that have consumed us. Now, some of these were a total waste of time, some were nothing to really brag about…

But I can guarantee you there were a few of those gems that you’ve forgotten.

Those unsung heroes are what I want to talk about today.

Go back to your resume today and think about each of your past experiences. Your goal is simple… think of just ONE story for each of those years that really stands out to you.

Here are a few prompts to think about:

  • Did I help someone at this job that wasn’t my job?
  • What tasks did I take on voluntarily that eventually led to totally changing my role?
  • What did I do back then that was out of the box?
  • Back then, what was I doing that made me feel like I worked my ass off?
  • What did I take on, that was totally out of my depth!?
  • When did I decide to learn something completely new that had a major impact on my career?
  • When did I take a leadership role without being asked?
  • When did I suggest an idea that improved how we did things back then?
  • What were the moments when I felt most proud of the work I did?

These stories are just for you. Think, reflect, write down.
But, if you are so inclined… share it with us!