Gloom to Boom: 6 genuine ways to help a job seeker

Do you want to help someone looking for a job? No really… do you?

Because I can tell you 6 ways you can do that right now!

And, I’m not gonna ask you do any of these:

❌ Send them online job postings (they can search themselves)
❌ Tell them that the market is “picking-up” (it’s not, if they don’t have an offer)
❌ Keep asking them “how’s the job search going?” (well, just don’t)

Ok so here is what you can and should do instead…

✅ Invite them for a coffee / game night / drinks (it can get tiring being cooped up)
✅ Ask them about their work stories (some people think better while they are speaking)
✅ Recommend professional resources like groups, articles, courses etc. (it’s a great way to put to good use any free time they might have)
✅ Offer them a mock interview! (and provide honest feedback)
✅ Tell them what they’re great at and a few things they can improve (2nd > 1st)
✅ Encourage them to post on LinkedIn and engage with their content (it’s a big morale booster)

Oh, one bonus tip:

✅ Connect them with someone else (more connections = more opportunities)

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