Hiring managers are a distracted bunch – You need a work-around

Maybe the hiring manager has their headphones on? 🎧
Trust me, as a hiring manager, I’ve missed some outstanding job applications first time around.

In real life, when you call out to someone nearby or start a conversation without looking, and don’t get a response… what do you do?

Just look over… and realize – “Oh that person is wearing headphones, so they never even heard me…. Let me try another way to communicate.”

How is it that we don’t think the same way about our Job Applications.

There are a hundred and one reasons why your application could have been overlooked.

And all you need to do is try another way. You know one easy way…

✅ Follow Up Email

Do this for every job application you’ve applied to. Yes, each one. Wait 7 days after applying and send a message / email / whatever to re-engage.

Thank me later ✌️