How do you talk about your learning in an interview?

“Can you describe something you’ve recently taught yourself?”
I’ve always struggled with this common interview question…

The reason is surprising though.

It’s not that I’m not learning all the time – which I do. 

It’s not that I haven’t spent time learning anything work related – which I have. 

It’s not even that I can’t think of something related to the job title – I indeed can!

All of those are important considerations for a good answer.

But, what I most struggled with was: 

🤔 Which particular learning will be both revelatory about my values and be relevant to the skills required?
🤔 How the hell do I fit the answer in a short enough time frame?
🤔 How do I make sure I leave room for follow up questions?

Or all came together when I did one thing though:

✅ Practice my answers – D’uh

Make it a daily habit.

PS: Skip Round has an answer rehearsal feature that’s purpose built for this.

Word of caution: I was addicted to it for a while! 😝